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The Benefits of the Book Nook


I’ll read anywhere, particularly if a long journey is involved. Even when I’m driving I like to be accompanied by an audiobook. I read in bed and on the sofa, and very occasionally I’ve been known to read in the bath. But of all the places I like to read, my book nook is my favourite.

It occurred to me a while back that, despite being able to read almost anywhere, I didn’t have a space specifically for that function, and that function alone. So rather than choosing to read on the sofa in the living room, where the nagging presence of the TV is often too much to ignore, or snuggled up in bed when unconsciousness is always the end result, I created a book nook for myself on the daybed in my spare room.

Reading is an escape and as such I find it helps to place myself in a literal and psychological space where this escapism can be enhanced. And I do think it’s largely psychological – the daybed would be there anyway – but by giving myself permission to use it as a reading spot legitimises my time spent there and the environment enhances the reading experience. In my book nook I am able to create a bubble in which I can flit, undisturbed, from one imaginary world to another and, however briefly, turn down the volume of reality.


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