meThe Paperback Harlot’s real name is Anna. She lives by the sea on the south coast of England, UK.

Anna hopes to one day live in a house like the one from the movie Casper and have her own library (preferably with sliding ladders). Smaller, but no less significant, dreams include a cat repellent keyboard and consistent WiFi.

Outside the blogsphere, Anna is an outreach worker for a specialist arts institute, a former college teacher, a photographer and film maker. Passionate about arts education, she spends her days helping other young people discover their own enthusiasm for creativity. As the daughter of a successful children’s writer, Anna believes that stories, in all their forms, are what makes us human.

Anna is a compulsive book sniffer and semi-professional nap artist. Her likes include her cat, cookery shows and breakfast food. Dislikes include ironing, poor font choices and Michael Bay movies. She remains continually disappointed by the lack of opportunities for impromptu musical numbers in her daily life. Her favourite words include, but are not limited to, ‘eschew’, ‘apoplectic’ and ‘papoose’.